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Lifetime storage sheds, storage buildings, garage sheds, and garden sheds are optimal for your outdoor storage needs. With these great products, there is no need you to create your own storage shed building plan or design your own storage shed drawings. Take a moment to get familiar with some of the terms used in describing Lifetime Products line of outdoor storage buildings.


Lifetime Storage Sheds

Lifetime Storage Shed Front Side ViewThis line of shed refers to models that are 8-feet or 7-feet wide with the entrance on the 8-foot or 7-foot side respectively. These sheds typically have layouts that are well-suited for storage of yard equipment and ATVs. The layout is extendable in the length direction. This extension design means that when you are looking at the entrance, this shed can be extended depth-wise in 2.5-foot increments. Standard models available for this design start at 2.5-feet deep and continue upwards in 2.5-foot increments to 15-feet deep. These sheds can be extended further, but such extension is not recommended.


Lifetime Garden Sheds

Lifetime Garden Shed Front Side ViewThis line of Lifetime sheds features an 8-foot depth, with the doorway on the length side. These types of Lifetime sheds are also frequently referred to as side-entry sheds since the entry way is on the length side instead of the 8-foot side like the storage sheds mentioned above. The length side is extendable in 2.5-foot increments. The smallest dimension of these garden sheds is 8x10. Take note that the windows on the basic 8x10 model are different than the windows used on the 8x15 model. This shed is particularly useful if you need to access all sides and corners of the shed easily. With the doorway on the length side of the shed, contents inside the shed tend to be placed near the walls leaving the middle area of the shed more open to move around.


Lifetime Storage Buildings

Lifetime Storage Shed Front Side ViewThis line of storage building refers to Lifetime sheds that are 11-feet wide with the doorway on the 11-foot side. More particularly on the doorway, the doorway is on the 11-foot side and can be extended deeper in 2.5-foot increments. Due to the larger door opening for this type of layout, Lifetime storage buildings are well suited for larger items such as riding lawnmowers or larger ATV's. These storage sheds start out as small as 3.5-feet deep, but can be extended by 2.5-foot or 5-foot extensions. Unlike the Lifetime storage shed line, the storage building line has a small option, 11x3.5, but then skips up to 11x11 with no intermediate sizes. You can reach these sizes by ordering the 11x3.5 and then using either 2.5-foot or 5-foot extensions to get to your desired intermediate depths. These buildings can also be extended much larger than the storage shed line. Larger than 21-foot lengths is not recommended.


Lifetime Garage Sheds

Lifetime Garage Sheds Showing front of shed and tri-fold doorsThis line of shed from Lifetime Products is similar to the storage building line with an 11-foot width and the doorway on the 11-foot side; however, the doors are much wider creating about a 9-foot opening. The doorway used on these types of sheds use a tri-fold design. One side sings open and the other side uses a folding design to open up the other 2 portions of the doorway. The very large width of this door opening makes these sheds well-suited for storing cars and other larger items. This line comes in essentially 3 basic models that can, once again, be extended in 2.5-foot or 5-foot increments. These base model dimensions are 11x11, 11x18.5, and 11x21. Lengths larger than 21 feet is not recommended.


Paneling Design

These Lifetime outdoor storage shed products use a paneling design. In general, what this means is that every 2.5-feet is a new panel. Adjacent panels interlock and fasten together. Paneling essentially makes these sheds modular, allowing you to customize the length within the range the panel lengths provide.


High-Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE)

This type of plastic is used on all Lifetime Products sheds and buildings. Unlike wood or vinyl sheds, HDPE allows the owner to own a shed or building without having to provide regular maintenance to the shed such as painting and water-proofing. HDPE is also easily modeled and designed; thus, on all Lifetime shed and building products, the panels on the roof and walls give the appearance of shingles and wood grain respectively. This same design feature is also used on the flooring of the shed in that the design and impression used helps resist slipping, making your shed safer. HDPE will also not fade, crack, or peel like traditional plastics.


Steel Reinforcements

All Lifetime outdoor shed and building products have steel trusses in the roof design, making them rigid and strong. These trusses also have channels that direct any water seepage that might occur on the roof back to the outside of the shed. Nearly all Lifetime sheds and buildings also have steel reinforcements in the walls and doors. These reinforcements provide additional strength and durability.



All Lifetime storage shed and building products come with a 10-year warranty from Lifetime Products. Warranties are handled directly at Lifetime Products.

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