Monthly Archives: August 2014

Lifetime 6418 Storage Shed + Lifetime Tool Corral + Lifetime 2 Corner Shelves + Rubbermaid Tool Tower Bundle

Do you need somewhere better and less conspicuous to hold your lawnmower and garden tools than your porch or garage? The Lifetime 6418 5 x 8ft Storage Shed is a smaller Lifetime Shed that is the perfect size for your backyard. The Lifetime Shed is made from High Density Polyethylene with sturdy double wall construction.  This Storage Shed includes a 9in x 8ft Shelf, Two 30 x 10in Shelves, a peg board for Hanging tools, and several Skylights to let light in. Added to this bundle is the Lifetime 2 corner shelves for holding supplies in the corners, and a Lifetime Tool Corral to hold shovels, rakes and other similar tools. Also added is the Rubbermaid Tool Corral that can hold up to 40 tools! With these added benefits this Bundle is the perfect choice for you. So buy the Lifetime 6418 Storage Shed with Lifetime Tool Corral, Lifetime 2 Corner Shelves, and Rubbermaid Tool Tower Bundle today. Continue reading

Lifetime 6405 Storage Shed + 6424 Shed Extension Kit + 2 Window Shutters + 2 Corner Shelf Bundle

Do you need more room in your lifetime 8ft wide shed? Do you simply need a new larger shed?  The Lifetime 6405 storage Shed Bundle is great for these necessities. The easy-to-install 6424 Shed Extension Kit has strong powder coated steel reinforced roof just like the rest of your shed. Also included is a semi open able window so that you can air out your shed if you need to. Simply take apart you shed in the middle and put in this extension. Continue reading