Arrow Shed Yard Saver 4×7 Steel Storage Shed + Floor + Anchor Kit Bundle

Do you need a 4 x 7 shed with a floor and anchor kit?  Then consider the following bundle:


Arrow Sheds FB47410 Floor Frame Kit for 4'x7'... (Read Reviews)
Arrow Shed AK600 Earth Anchor Kit (Read Reviews)
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Bundled Items

Description: The Yardsaver 4-feet by 7-feet steel storage building from Arrow is an all-time favorite. The lean-to design lets you place it against any outside wall. Get 154 cubic ft. of storage for many types of lawn and garden tools, lawn mowers, patio equipment and more Parts are pre-cut ad pre-drilled for faster assembly . The roomy interior peak height is nearly 7 ft. tall Doors mount on either 4 ft. end for your storage convenience. Attractive horizontal wood-grain embossed steel panels “drop-in-place” for easier assembly and complement many home decors. All parts are a pleasing eggshell color. In addition, the Yardsaver has a 12 year limited warranty.

Description: The FB47410 floor frame kit from arrow fits the 4 by 7-feet and 4 by 10-feet arrow yardsaver buildings. Perfect for a plywood floor wood is not included, this durable kit features steel tabs that fold down and get inserted into the shed frame. Once a flooring finish is installed, the FB47410 will help keep the items in your yardsaver away from ground moisture. The floor frame kit is easy to install.

Description: The AK600 anchor kit is a great way to protect your arrow building from strong winds. The kit is easy to install. Includes four corkscrew steel anchors, corner gussets and locking washers. This type of anchor is ideal for smaller and slope-roof style arrow buildings.

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