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Organize Your Tools with a Lifetime Shed

6405 8x10 Lifetime Shed

Lifetime who manufactures the very popular Lifetime shed has grown in size and has a great number of employees. Darrin from Lifetime discusses how at dinner he talks about his Lifetime job. We also have seen that it is not uncommon for Lifetime employees to discuss their jobs at Lifetime with some buddies or families. A common type of comment may be, “Lifetime makes a great deal of amazing stuff.”. We at Competitive Edge Products, Inc agree with these comments.

Lifetime does make a great deal of amazing stuff. Functioning in the Lawn & Garden group these past six years, Lifetime has manufactured a great deal of new items. Yet the center of the group has actually always been their lifetime sheds. It was an idea to make a shed that released the category. One of the neatest innovations in the Lifetime sheds, according to Darin, has been their 10×8 and 15×8 line. These lifetime shed have actually shown to be popular. Among the great things about them is the method they enable you to organize your things. With the entry on the long side, you could separate in between right and left one-half …read more

How long does it really take to put together a Lifetime Shed?

How long does it really take to put together a Lifetime Shed?

Lifetime storage sheds are modular in design, which simplifies construction and setup considerably. Just about every step of the construction is repeated multiple times. Thus, each part of the shed construction can speed up once you get the hang of what the step requires. This is particularly true of long sheds.

An employee here recently assisted in the assembly of an 8×15 shed. During the assembly, he and another guy worked on the shed themselves. The quickest part for the assembly for them was the floor panels and wall panels as those steps are mostly snapping the panels into place. During the door assembly, the process slowed considerably because of the greater detail in parts and assembly when compared to the previous parts of the shed. The roof trusses were easy to assemble, but again it had many more parts then the walls and floor.

From beginning to end, the assembly of an 8×15 Lifetime storage shed took two men 9 hours to build. Smaller sheds will definitely drop assembly time greatly. Also, additional hands would speed the process up by having more people available …read more

Floor Support Essential for Lifetime Shed

Floor panels included with all Lifetime Sheds

I regularly get questions from customer about the flooring for Lifetime Sheds. Does the floor come with the shed? Does it support weight? What kind of structure should I have underneath the floor? The short answers are yes, yes, and something sturdy. I will address each question, one at a time.

Lifetime storage shed flooring is the same material as the rest of the walls and roof

Lifetime outdoor sheds use polyethylene plastic for the walls, roof, and floor. Polyethylene plastic provides a cheaper and more attractive design possibility than other materials. For example, vinyl sheds – as well as other kinds of resin materials – tend to crack, fade, and peel over time. This problem is due to prolonged exposure to the sun in most cases. Polythylene plastic on the other hand, will not do any of these things. The plastic is also UV treated, which further enhances its strength in the sunlight. As a flooring material for the storage shed, plastic allows you to create any shape and design you desire. Because of this, Lifetime shed flooring is designed with a slip-resistant shape to ensure safety, even when wet. Now that we have a …read more

Lifetime Shed Insights for Installation

The other day I noticed how my neighbor set up his Lifetime shed base. Because the shed flooring is not weight bearing, the shed must have a solid support underneath to protect the floor. After talking to Lifetime Products about this, the most common methods for building this support is to pour a cement slab or to build a wood framework. My neighbor had another interesting approach. He used a series of cinder blocks, placed right next to one another and filled in the holes of the cinder blocks with dirt and gravel. Though I am not sure if this method is a Lifetime Products recommended method for most people, the design has served him for about 5 years now. The key thing when designing the support for a Lifetime storage shed is not make sure the support is not erodible and the support is level. For instance, the cinder block method described here would require very careful attention be paid to make sure each cincer block was entirely level at the time of building the shed. Were, for instance, the cinder blocks to be placed on an unsettled ground the blocks would likely end up at different heights, thus …read more

Lifetime Shed Article

Lifetime Shed Facts and Installation Helps.

We recently wrote an article about Lifetime Sheds installation on ezine articles. The article provides helpful information on installation and product description. We encourage all current and potential customers to read through this article before purchasing if possible, and after purchasing if you already have, so you can get some assistance in installation procedures.

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