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Lifetime Plastic Storage Sheds - 6413 Outdoor Shed 8 x 2.5

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The smallest Lifetime storage shed. Model 6413 measures 8-feet wide by 2.5-feet deep.

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Lifetime Plastic Storage Sheds - 6413 Outdoor Shed 8 x 2.5

The 6413 represents the smallest shed available in the 8-foot width. This storage shed provides a glimpse of the versatility of Lifetime storage sheds. In particular, the 6413, with its small size, provides many options for locating the product on a property. Fits snug up against a home or a back corner of a fenced-in yard. While small, the 6413 has ample space for storing most push lawnmowers as well as gardening equipment.

Wall, Roof, and Floor Construction

The smaller shed size still packs a punch with the wall, roof, and floor structure made of high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE). HDPE will not fade, crack, or peel in the sunlight, making the 6413 great for most any outdoor area. The walls are double-thick with HDPE to help provide additional rigidity and support to the shed walls. The floor HDPE is molded with a no-slip design. An important note with the 6413 is that it is the only 8 or 11-foot Lifetime shed that cannot extend. The reason for this is that the floor is one piece. In extendable sheds, the floor has multiple panels that can be separated as needed to add extensions. So, the 6413 is a small shed that is meant to stay small.

Walls, Doors, and Roof Trusses

Like other Lifetime storage sheds, the 6413 has powder-coated steel reinforcements in the walls, doors, and roof. The 6413 does not have roof trusses like larger sheds due to the smaller size. The strength of the roof is not compromised because of this; this shed still has a 23-pound-per-square-foot snow load capacity. These reinforcements serve to strengthen the structure of the shed while providing great rigidity in the sides of the shed. By powder coating the steel components of the frame, the steel is resistant to rusting, which provides your shed a longer life.

Low Maintenance Required for Lifetime Sheds

One of the most attractive features of a Lifetime outdoor shed is the worry-free ownership. Unlike wood sheds, Lifetime sheds require to regular maintenance like painting. Polyethylene plastic is very stain-resistant, typically requiring nothing more than soap and water to clean. For tougher stains, you might need a mild abrasive like soap scrub.

What is the Size Good For?

The 6413 shed is the smallest in the 8-foot storage line from Lifetime Products. As such, the shed is optimally sized for many locations, such as next to your home for a side driveway, corner of your backyard, and sometimes even on a patio under your deck. The small size makes for many options for locations. The interior storage space is typically large enough to store a pushing lawn mower, some outdoor tools, and other gardening equipment. The full-width shelf on the inside of the shed can support up to 50 lbs. and can fit smaller items like paint cans, fertilizer, soil, bug spray, etc.

6413 Lifetime Plastic Shed Features and Specs


  • Walls, roof, floors, and door material of construction: polyethylene plastic.
  • Polyethylene will not fade, crack, or peel in the sunlight.
  • Low maintenance required for these sheds. No need to repaint like wood sheds.
  • Walls have a wood grain mold giving the attractive appearance of wood.
  • The roof has a molded-shingle look for added aesthetics.
  • Walls are double-thick to help provide reinforcement and rigidity.
  • The floor of the shed has a molded design to help resist slipping when wet.
  • The walls, roof, and doors are all steel reinforced.
  • The steel used is powder coated to help resist rusting.
  • Steel channels in the roof trusses help direct any water seepage outside of the shed.
  • Also included with the shed is 1 full-width shed (90x9 inches), 2 corner radius shelves, and 2 16-inch peg strips.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Roof has 1 skylight.
  • 2 screened vents on the front and back of the shed help provide ventilation.
  • This shed does not have any windows.


  • Floor thickness: 0.75 inches.
  • Nominal dimensions: 8 feet wide x 2.5 feet deep.
  • The nominal dimensions measure the widest and deepest distances of the shed.
  • Shed footprint: 94 inches W x 28 inches D.
  • Exterior Width: 92.75 inches.
  • Exterior Roof Width: 96 inches.
  • Exterior Depth: 25.5 inches.
  • Exterior Roof Depth: 30 inches.
  • Exterior Height: 96 inches.
  • Eave Depth: 2 inches.
  • Fascia Height: 1.25 inches.
  • Roof Pitch: 6:13.
  • No roof trusses in this shed due to the smaller size.
  • Door Opening Dimensions: 56 inches W x 76 inches H.
  • No windows.
  • Weight capacity of inside storage on shelves: 50 lbs.
  • Interior Width: 90 inches.
  • Interior Depth: 24 inches.
  • Interior Height – Minimum: 70 inches.
  • Interior Height – Maximum: 94 inches.
  • Square Footage: 15 square feet.
  • Cubic Footage: 103.44 cubic feet.
  • Wind Rating: 65 mph.
  • Snow Load capacity: 23 pouds per square foot.
  • Ships in one box.
  • Package weight: 314 lbs.
  • Package dimensions: 96 inches x 32.125 inches x 18 inches.

6413 Plastic Storage Shed Shipping Details

The 6413 Lifetime storage shed ships via an ltl freight carrier for a curbside delivery. A curbside delivery requires the customer to be present for the delivery to sign for the package and move the package to the desired location. The driver will not assist with moving the package. Delivery appointments are normally scheduled by the freight carrier, but can also be arranged by the customer; when the customer receives their tracking number via email, they can contact the carrier to schedule that delivery time. Please note that the customer's address must be accessible by a semi-truck. If an order has to be redirected to a new address after delivery, the freight company will charge a reconsignment fee that the customer will need to pay through Competitive Edge Products before the delivery can be completed.

Lifetime storage sheds come with factory warranty.